F-Droid Crashes while Updating repositories

I’m on Android 4.4, and while I use the Limited version of f-droid, it launches and functions successfully. However, when updating the repositories, around 81% progress, the whole app crashes. Furthermore, I tried to investigate the issue myself by using logcat, and the errors include:

Out of memory on a 336-byte allocation.
Out of memory on a 288-byte allocation.
Out of memory on a 296-byte allocation.

I’d appreciate it if anyone has a solution and share it.

I used F-Droid v12 (I tried older versions, but the issue persists)

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Not enough memory? How much? Which device?

I have around 400mb empty memory out of the 500mb in total. Android 4.4, CM11 and HTC Wildfire S (definitely not a modern phone in case you’re wondering lol)

Good to mention it’s my own custom modified ROM. I just don’t understand why the memory seems to be the issue here. It should just update the mirror fine.

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I have the same problem with two old tablets (Nomi C10103 Ultra+ and Samsung GT-P5110). Both crashes while updating repositories, and both have 1 GB of RAM or less. However, on Redmi 4A (2 GB of RAM) and Mi 10T Lite (6 GB of RAM) everything works perfectly.

Since the DB is getting bigger so its memory needs.

Can you try the Nightly version on those 1Gb devices?

Add this repo: Torsten Grote / fdroidclient-nightly · GitLab ( scan QR or add link directly: https://gitlab.com/grote/fdroidclient-nightly/-/raw/master/fdroid/repo )

Install F-Droid Debug, use that that from now on.

The very first update will behave the same I guess, I’m interested how the next ones go.

I’m not sure your version of F-Droid supports this, but could you try to open F-Droid and:

  • go to “Settings”
  • scroll all the way down and activate “Expert mode”
  • scroll down again and avtivate “Force old index format”
  • go back and try to reload index

@tapafon Did you find a solution?

Seems like the QR code’s link is broken.

Thanks! It worked, and the repos successfully updated.

Marking as Solution.

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The QR code is for F-Droid Client not your browser :slight_smile:

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I guess I never thought about it that way. Thank you for the clarification.

I think that’s actually a valid concern. The link in the QR code should at the very least tell users what’s going on instead of 404ing …

maybe we should generate a generic index.html or something. the current state is confusing.

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