F-Droid client suggests updates across repositories

I have added Izzy’s repo to my F-Droid client and now it wants to update several apps that were installed from the main repo to versions available in Izzy’s repo.

How can I prevent this?

I don’t think this is what users expect, reminds me of Google Play Store tries to update my F-Droid apps :-(

Reproducible apps could be updated, true…

I recommend you update to 1.20-alpha1, and set the favorite repo for those apps to F-Droid, read: Torsten Grote: "Version 1.20 of @fdroidorg@floss.social brings so…" - chaos.social

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Good to see that it has some attention. Whether or not reproducible… it is probably the signature that decides?

There might still be a problem lurking. If a repo is taken over the signature could remain the same but the app might not fulfill the F-Droid criteria anymore. Could happen with Apps from the main repo as well but the chances it happens with some 3rd party repo is a lot higher?

yes, that would allow you or not

You trust the repo you add, yes? Yes? If not… :person_shrugging: