F-Droid Client Problem - IVPN App Installation Version Conflict

The F-Droid IVPN App shows that i have IVPN 2.8.2 Installed when I have 2.6.0 Installed on my Note 20 Ultra.

i can’t update to the 2.8.2 version because it shows that is is currently installed and when I uninstall IVPN app. The F-Droid Client still shows that i have version 2.8.2 installed.

I cannot resolve this problem. Please fix the F-Droid Client from this bug.

I don’t really know the solution to your problem sadly, but I’ve just changed your account to have “trust level 1” as Discourse calls it which should allow you to upload images to your post. Hope that helps a bit at least :slight_smile:

As a workaround, what happens if you use a browser to download the version you want, and install it manually without using the F-Droid app?

What app is that in the first picture? How does it check the INSTALLED version?

Can we have a picture of this?

Feels like we are lost in translation, the app in F-Droid is built from their source code, if that says 2.8.2…then that is 2.8.2.

This sounds correct… if you install 2.8.2…you have… 2.8.2…yes, what is the problem?

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