F-Droid Classic UI Bug

@Bubu 1st, let me complain mention how unnecessarily difficult it is to file requests for the absolute best F-Droid client, your excellent Classic. Does every new user for your Git server need personal approval from yourself to post issues? Or did I run into another (perhaps obscure) bug when trying register via my GitHub/GitLab credentials?

On to the bug: I think the version string in the search listing has a higher priority than the app’s own name, so 1 ends up w/

which doesn’t seem ideal. Here’s the same thing in landscape, to get a clearer view:

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It does obviously show app name at top. Works for me.

Name @ top is my search query. I originally noticed it the main applist, where I’d no idea what it was 'til I tapped. I was just showing a minimal example.

When I tap on an app in F-Droid Classic, the app name is always shown in the header at top.

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Yep, that still works. Just the applist from search/default view is off.

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I see. Screen size is limited. 1-line descriptions are also shortened sometimes. When columns info is too much, something has to shorten. They chose left column.

Another example is “Libre Office Viewer” or “Maps & GPS Navigation OsmAnd+”.

Toggling screen rotate and turning phone 90 degrees can help give more width to display.

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Yes, that’s why I posted that 2nd screenshot.

Sadly, @Bubu doesn’t seem to be active here anymore. I guess I’ll have to try his e-mail.

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You/We could also suggest to f-droid and apps developers having a reasonably short limit on Version designators. :smile:

I think I’d be a hypocrite if I were to do that, since I’ve recommended much longer semantic versioning. :sweat_smile:

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It’s OK to change. @zikalify and @Coffee appear to have also left f-droid. Coffee also left github and gitlab, and so many other places they’ve virtually disappeared.

Unless you revise more than once a second, computer epoch in seconds should be more than sufficient for version numbers.

Or second.minute.hour.day.month.4-digit-year

with order variation for Europe if desired. :smile:

I’m still here


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