F-droid categories

hi all, in F-droid 1.11, below what I see in the Categories tab, I feel this menu could be improved:

  1. Tor browser appears 6 times in first results !
  2. Guardian Project category contains hundreds of unrelated apps, e.g. games …
  3. Guardian Project apps are included in Internet and Security, therefore I feel this category is un-necessary
  4. Half of the apps in Multimedia category are games, so I would find relevant to see a Games category.

This is because it is categorised in multi catigories and shows results again in the Gaurdian Project.

Your screen seems to be wrong and misses some categories, apps in “Security” shifted to “Development”, apps in “Sports & Health” shifted to Gaurdian Project, “Connectivity” shifted to "Internet ", “Games” shifted to “Multimedia”, “Theming” shifted to “Navigation”… That’s why you think they are all wrong .:rofl: I think you should clear cache or clear the storage of the F-Droid app, nothing seems right.

You can check here for the categories which apps are initially categorised in. https://f-droid.org/en/packages/

Thx John, this was a bug then.
I refreshed a first time, and nothing changed.
Then I disabled the extra repositories and refreshed, this solved the issue, all categories came back.
Then I added the Guardian rep again, and cross-finger the bug didn’t happen again :slight_smile:

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