F-Droid build-bot stuck since Friday?

When the recent changes page on the wiki shows nothing after a certain date, iin this case the 24th April, does it mean that the build bot is stuck? If yes, where should it be reported?

The build, deploy and checkupdates entries are signs of cycles starting/ending, the apps ids entries are the results of the server almost in realtime.

Yes, the last cycle has ended on the 24, we wait for sign/publish.

F-Droid is not a dumb CI, eg. signing is done on an air gapped machine.

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What do you mean with “air gapped machine”?

The signing step takes place on a machine that isn’t networked (air gapped). Its mentioned briefly at https://f-droid.org/en/docs/Security_Model/. This step isn’t automated. Somebody has to do a physical transfer (sneakernet), so its reasonable to expect the occasional delay.

Ah, that’s very good! :+1:

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