F-Droid apps update issue

When update a application and installation is done a new screen appears again to update again application.

Which device? Android version? F-Droid Client version? Did you touch Update multiple times?

This is an issues on various phones and also on F-Droid and FD Classic. Though this issue no longer occurs on the newer versions. I had this issue for a long time and it was not user error, but something else. I never reported as I had gotten tired of the issue and had switched to foxy droid then.
What I did notice was: if the app was say killed by battery optimisation, and then user manually launched the app, the app would auto run sync checks (based on user turning ON in the app settings). Also at the same time if user tries to manually sync (drag from above), the app somehow took that as 2 requests and would launch update twice.
This was one scenario.

Second was for some reason, even after updating, the app would still see it as the lower version and pop again for an update installation.

Above were what I had noticed back in June-July.

Two ideas from my experience, the button is slow to animate so I end up pressing more than once. Second, F-Droid awaits for “app was updated” signal/intent thing from Android and that might not be instant.

First one I agree can happen a lot for many.
Second one seems not to be an issue with Droidify and Foxy (probably as someone mentioned somewhere in forum here that droidify looks only locally, or something like that). But I see this issue only with Official FD and FD Classic by Bubu.

that’s only about locales and index updates, not sure it matters

I guess it’s a legacy thing then, code from the past that’s not up to snuff

samsung a52s 5g android 13 and I haven’t hit the update button more than once

Probably. The main reason I moved out of FD & FD Classic was the app freezing a lot and also making my phone freeze, else till I switched I used to run FD and FD Classic in my phones.

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