F-Droid app search in KISS Launcher

So I recently installed KISS Launcher and it’s awesome.

One thing that I haven’t been able to customize, though, is a custom search for F-Droid apps in the F-Droid store app instead of web search. While KISS already supports using a custom search that can be detected by the Play Store app, if I use https://search.f-droid.org/?q=%s, F-droid doesn’t detect it to open by default. Even if I let it open in my default browser to install from there, the F-droid doesn’t go directly to the app page, but tries to add the URL to the repo list first and goes to the app after I cancel it.

I’d like to know if somebody was able to add custom F-droid package/app search from KISS Launcher successfully so I can know how to configure it in my phone. Thanks, guys.

Not sure the F-Droid client grabs the search.fdroid intent

It doesn’t, that’s why I was wondering if someone got it working somehow.

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