F-Droid App Feedback

The pull to refresh repos feature in the f-droid app is infuriating! It’s way too easy initiate an update of repos. It’s no wonder the f-droid servers are so slow to respond these days.

I’ve searched the forums and many people have been complaining about the three things this UI/UX anti-feature has caused. The app shows blank screens or erroneous messages, see attachment screen shots, when the repos are being updated. The repo server has to handle more requests and downloads making it appear sluggish. The client side device gets bogged down updating and installing the repo data.

To make matters worse, the f-droid client appears to be caching the accidental pull downs so you end up with successive repeats of the whole update repositories process. My device has been going thru repeated updates the entire time it took me to create an account on this forum and write this post. It’s used 10% of my battery.

Please someone give us an option to turn off the pull to refresh anti feature with an option in the settings. It should not be on every view of the app in the first place. The old f-droid apps had the refresh feature buried in the repos section of the settings screen, where they belonged. The repos get updated according to the settings so there’s no reason to make it so easy to accidentally initiate an unnecessary update from every screen in the app.

Please keep feedback in one place: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroidclient/issues/1688