F-Droid Android Dependencies


I’m trying to rid my Nexus 7 of all things bloatware. I delete everything in /system/app and many things from /system/priv-app. I’m left with a tablet that looks clean upon initial boot (only the Settings icon), but when I adb install fdroid.apk /system/app and connect to wifi to update, I get the following error: “This Android rom does not support ACTION_INSTALL_PACKAGE!”

What apps do I need to leave in /system/app and/or /system/priv-app to ensure that Fdroid works?

Android packages mostly don’t need any dependecies. In your case it looks like you deleted the package manager.

Thanks for the insights. Where is the Package Manager located (directory)? What is the specific name of the .apk? I don’t remember deleting anything named “package manager” in /system/app nor system/priv-app.

Cool. Left Package Manager in /system/app and was able to get FDroid working. Thanks again!