F-Droid and Aurora Store don't download in the background when using a VPN

As the title says, these two apps (and Yalp Store) refuse to download apps in the background when im using my VPN (works perfectly without).
There are 4 weird things happening though:

  1. I can download just fine when the app window is in focus.

  2. When i go out of FDroid the download just stops, but when i reenter the app it picks up where it left off.

  3. Every other app I have (OSMand, AntennaPod, various browsers etc) downloads stuff just fine in the background even with a VPN.

  4. I checked the logs with Matlog and it kept saying “Connection Failed” when I was downloading something in the background

To fix this I tried to disable battery optimizations, changing VPN providers and restarting the phone several times but that didn’t fix anything.

Any ideas on how I could fix this?

I am currently running AospExtended v6.6 with microg and Magisk (installed with nanodroid).

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I somehow managed to fix this and another issue I had with delayed Google push notifications on the VPN in one go. Here’s everything I did.

  1. Disabled battery optimizations for all the MicroG apps I had (this step probably didn’t do anything)
  2. Downloaded MicroG Services Core and Service Framework Proxy from here.
  3. Installed those two apks over the old microg stuff (overwrite them even if they are the same version).
  4. Done

My theory is that the culprit of these two issues is the fact that I unregistered some apps from GCM in MicroG and that somehow broke stuff, but I don’t really know why it would do something like that.

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