F-Droid alternative for DNS Changer

Hi Folks,

Which of the DNS apps in the F-Droid repository are the recommended alternative for DNS Changer?


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Root or no root?

Normal DNS or you want DOH/DOT too?

Eg. on non-root Netguard can redirect DNS to the ones you want (enter 2 DNSs!)

Hi Licaon_Kter,

My phone is Not rooted.

I just finished browsing through the following page.

I do not have time nor visual energy to digest (understand) it all but it appears that it would be pertinent to have all scenarios catered for that would require the use of DNS tables.

Given that I will probably be using Privacy Browser or Firefox Klar and K-9 Mail or FairEmail, what would you recommend as the best course of action?

Which Doman Name Servers does the community recommend to be used?


Check out the Foundation for Applied Privacy DNS services
What do they do?
β€œThe Foundation for Applied Privacy is a non-profit privacy infrastructure provider based in Vienna, Austria that operates Privacy-enhancing services for the general public(…)”

Blokada lets you change DNS and use blocklists


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