F-Droid 1.18.0 on Android 8.0 AND Android 10 - there are no photos / preview screenshots shown of apps


Ever since I installed F-Droid on Android 8.0 (couple years now), there are no icons/photos/preview screenshots shown within the F-Droid app.

This was different on Android 10 before, but now, only very few icons/photos/preview screenshots of apps are shown on it too.

In Settings, slide “mobile data” to the right to Always

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Hey Licaon_Kter, yes! This seems to do the trick! :smiley: Thank you!

Although, I have done so for the “Over WiFi” updates… as, I am looking to save data when using mobile data :wink:

Nice one!

Yes, old bug we keep seeing resurface.

Update to 1.19.0 (expand Versions) and retest