F-Droid 1.13.1 freeze and guardian "not found"

F-Droid freeze. Pulled down to update while scrolling “Latest”. Popup alerted - 2 new updates. Click alert, or switch back to F-Droid. Only a screen of “Latest” displays. Will not scroll. Clicking other tabs does not change display. Force stop. Start again. Works. 1.13.1.

Also, as usual it seems, Tor Browser alpha shows update available, but download fails (not found), for TBD time period. Edit: It’s nice having mirrors, but F-Droid app should be smarter about announcing update is available, versus update actually being available on selected mirrors. User should not have to play “guess which mirror” to find the download.

Good afternoon:

To me what is fdroid is going well. Well it loads the images with wiffi. But it goes well, you download things well, but it does not go Tor Browser download and no longer I do not know what to do.

When I got the updates, I got the fdroid that is the update before. But with the Tor Browser nothing.

But the fdroid app downloads and installs everything well. From what I see also happens the same thing with this application (Tor)

I also opened a topic I cannot update Tor Browser to see if we can bring light to this failure.

A hug and I thought I was the only one that happened.

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