F-drionF-driod and F-driod installed apps won't open. Error:"No apps can't perform this action"

Noticed that F-driod and any app installed with f-driod icon’s had disappeared. Reinstalling did not correct the issue, nor did resetting all apps preferences.

Device? Android version? Pictures? Where did you get the APK from? How did you install?

Samsung Note 10+… Android 10 …Got the APK straight from the f-droid.org website and installed it by normal means. And this didn’t happen right away, I’ve had the app and the apps I’ve downloaded from it on my phone for mouths. And it also didn’t happen after an update. There is something I did prior to this happening. I installed an app called Macrodroid and created an automated opening of the app I use to clock in and out with at work. The app installed fine and did as I intended it to. I had no problems of any kind until I tried opening f-droid. Now, I originally thought that it was every app that I installed from f Droid but notice today that I ran an app called Netguard that I downloaded and installed from f- Droid and haven’t had any problems with it. So far, it’s just been f-droid and Faceslim. Also, this happen also that might help… I went to my browser and searched Facebook then selected a link in the list and it also gave me the same message. Then selected a different one and it worked fine. I can copy and paste that link here in the form if you need me to. In my help you track down the action it’s taking when the error it thrown.

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