Extending battery life beyond the typical methods?

I am wondering if there is an app that gives specific control to shut down unnecessary services (beyond google services)? This would be akin to Windows Task Manager where one could toggle an enable/disable feature to try to extend battery life by making the OS as resource efficient (potentially more secure) as possible.

Does anyone know of any such app or methodology?

Netguard is the best option i could give you.
And if you want more control use a dns service like nextdns or pihole(cloud hosted).

That would not be useful for what he is asking.

@junkyarddog You probably should look for disabling “Run in background” in Appops. Can do with App manager in ADB mode can do it, or simply with ABD in a terminal.
Also you can restrict background and enable battery optimization in apps → settings for a specific app → battery use

SuperFreezZ can help too, but depending on certain circumstances, it can worsen battery life if SuperFreezZ consumes more than the apps it is freezing.

Excellent! Thanks!

You can use Battery Historian via adb to identify exactly what uses your battery and then go from there.


Have you done this? if so, what have your results been?

I am working on getting a Pixel 5a and putting GraphineOS on it, then optimising it. I don’t do gaming and do not care about high refresh rates or high brightness. I am hoping for 6-7 days of battery life. Currently, I have a similar phone that does 2-3 days without all of this, based on my usage.

Graphene is pre optimized doing more than rhat will break features.

Custom firmware if you haven’t already. This will stop the constant permissionless location tracking (wifi,bluetooth,gps) as described here:
Why it's Time to Dump your Apple and Google Phone - Top 5 Reasons and here How much info is Google getting from your phone? - YouTube

That can be dangerous… this should be specified.

@cord_winder , Not flagging the above, but it looks off-topic here, and is starting to look a lot like spam. Already covered why (Edit: one of) those links should be ignored over here: Privacy On Phone Edit: Almost hate to admit, the Fox News link video is good, if off-topic here.

justsomeguy, no spamming intended.

Both links are great in getting across the message. 99.999% of people believe (reasonably) that they have some privacy when they turn off location, wifi, bluetooth…or turn on Airplane Mode. The spyware that comes with all these phones is not open-source and it is a battery hog. They never stop draining the battery and spying on the users who use them. Rob has mentioned that battery life doubles when an open source ROM is put on. I don’t doubt that is about right.

Yeah the fox news video is very good at telling us what’s going on but offers no solutions. Rob’s video offers solutions.

If you go back and read the first post of the topic, the user already knows that google play services is a battery drainer…

I’m pretty sure you previously meant custom ROM and not custom firmware

In DivestOS 18.1, so LineageOS 18.1 and android 11; Also in standard android at least back to 8 - In Settings, Apps, Show All, … menu: tap show System. Then you can tap each app in the list, and many or most can be “Disabled” one at a time. Warning: You can break functionality if overzealous, so tread lightly and choose carefully. On one fully googled Android 8 device of mine, many things could be disabled without any apparent issues. YMMV.

Re: breaking, those who can be disabled from Settings are mostly not that problematic, and you can always re-enable them from there.

If you use adb --uninstall --user 0 appID …well…you can do some damage there :slight_smile: factory reset to the rescue of course

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