Experiences with Protonmail in old devices, any help?


I have an old device (Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini) and because I only use F-Droid apps, I don’t use the official ProtonMail app. I used to go with Bromite to access it, but some months ago it stopped working, the loading page appears but nothing opens afterwards, I tried over Wifi and 4G, nothing.
Recently I gave a try with Fennec, and it does load! Good sign! However, it is extremely slow. I understand Protonmail uses encryption within the browser itself, to be more secure and at the same time be usable in a browser. I also understand my device is to blame, for being too old for this sort of thing. I am not bashing the service or the browser (well, not Fennec… Bromite just doesn’t work!).
Anyway, what I would like to know is if anyone else has had any experience with some other way to access Protonmail in older devices that could help remedy this situation. Thank you all!


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