contains BugSnag, needs TRACKING antifeature

@M66B If you want to “appear” in F-Droid client “kiosk/new” opening screen, you need a /metadata in your repo root/ ; check simplified ; there are other advanced metadata: check Auto-generate an app website based on Fastlane/F-Droid metadata

@oF2pks can you please check if this is correct?



Open source, privacy friendly email app for Android - M66B/FairEmail

In particular, I am not sure if it is possible to use markdown in " *.txt files in the old, custom, F-Droid text-based format" (

Am I right that a pull request needs to be done to make this work?

Yes, to remove the current Description from the metadata, so it gets picked up, on the next app update, from your repo.

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Any chance to add screenshots as well?

Can you please take care of this?

Let’s first get this to work. I will add screenshots later.

Will do, asap. Thanks

I have just added images and screenshots as well.
I am curious how this is going to look!




I guess the meta data will be pulled on the next build?

The only doubt I have: is markdown supported in meta data?

IIRC, next index update, as 615 was already build.

Not quite, more like a subset of HTML, kinda like Google Play store, eg. ->

I have just removed all markdown from the full description.

But why not leave the links?

I like to keep the description the same as the Play store description.
At the bottom there is a link to the full GitHub description (with links).

You still miss metadata/en-US/ changelogs / to comply with new fdroid selection

@dosse91 , seems you can now soften your thread primary description ? If you have time, I have a running list of fdroid apks with so-called trackers or similar : CLI tool to check F-Droid apps with Exodus

As an aside, @Izzy, why do you include FairEmail in your repo while main F-Droid does also? Typically, you remove from yours whenever such overlap occurs.…

@TPS since Marcel is pushing updates rather often, it makes debugging harder when users come to complain that their latest F-Droid version is 2 days old (if lucky given the average update times) yet actually 7 versions older, and their bug was fixed yesterday.

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As @Licaon_Kter wrote. I was asked to so testers have an easy way to stick to the update rhythm :laughing: Needless to say, Marcel agreed to that. The “average Joe” won’t notice as the “recommended version” is set by F-Droid – and whenever Ciaran signed an update, my repo has already switched to the next, so no conflicts.

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Also this


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