Error on Yalp store

I got an error on Yalp store: token.dispenser returned an auth error, what does this mean? The problem is I can’t 'of in with the built in Google account. I tried reinstalling the app at first it had no problem and then for some reason it failed connecting to the internet. I reinstalled it again and it had this error. :frowning:

Hi and welcome. It seems that Yalp is not developed by its author anymore. There is a “Yalp Store (fork)” which is more current, but I got the same error messages there (sometimes). Given that Yalp is playing Cat-and-Mouse with Googles Play store, it needs constant attention just to keep working.
It might work if you use your own Google credentials rather than use the Yalp fake account, but there is no guarantee. This is ultimately an issue with the App, and nothing that F-Droid can do anything about, I am sorry to say.

Aurora Store works ?

Indeed it will sometimes return an error message after trying to login with a dummy account.
Just try again, and again. Or wait a couple of minutes and try again.
It happened to me months ago for the first time.
I just updated my privative apps with Yalp. It works.

Never tried Aurora Store fork.

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