Error on 1.6 and 1.6-alpha2

When I update to F-Droid 1.6-alpha2 or 1.6, newest screen will be empty. I had to disable and re-enable all repo. But there are still some error. Lots of apps disappear. They are still in repos but not show on the newest screen.

This post explains why not all apps show in the “Latest” tab anymore.

Thsnks. I guess this also cause the empty newest tab.

The empty latest view on update is this bug:

Funny thing is that F-Droid itself doesn’t meet those criteria

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The criteria is so strict that the last app in newest tab was updated 4 years ago. Maybe I need an option to get those apps back to first screen.

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The new Latest Tab rules aren’t so strict, there is a bug somewhere that I haven’t been able to reproduce to fix it. Others have been reproducing it though. If anyone can provide step-by-step instructions for reproducing it, that’ll be 90% of fixing the bug. The good news is that it seems to fix itself on the next index update, then not come back. At least on my devices.

F-Droid itself definitely meets the criteria, and will show up there when there is a new final release (next index update).

@linsui one of the specific goals of these new rules is to make it more likely that the apps on the Latest Tab will be in the same language as the app. If this works OK, I’m thinking that it might make sense to first show apps that are translated in the current language.

For me, when I update F-Droid from a version lower than 1.6-alpha2, I will get this error. Re-enabling repo will get little apps on the tab. But until now there are still little apps after several updates.

Sounds great. And if you put all strings into weblate, I will translate them.

But so it doesn’t show an app to me anymore if it is not translated, even though I would be perfectly fine with English!

Also I think that at least apps that are completely new to F-droid should be shown if they do not meet the criteria, as I will completely miss them otherwise.

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You can press the Search icon and get a list of the latest updated apps.

I agree that given how few apps have the required info this maybe was implementedenforced too soon.


Please, give us a /settings/expert(?) option to mute this selective eviction.

On F-Droid, this specific expression sounds really bad to me… Hope amateurism and equalitarianism will still meet F-Droid intrinsic design and future architecture.


Would be nice to have “New” tags on apps in the “Searching” list as long as we are forced to use it to see ALL fresh apps.


Currently, at least 100 apps meet the criteria. If you are seeing a Latest Tab with only a few apps, that’s a bug in the display. That is not the new selection logic. I saw that bug once, but have never been able to reproduce it. Can anyone provide step-by-step instructions that reproduce it every time? If so, then I can fix it.

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