Error in building/compiling F-Droid build of the app Waistline

Hello, fine folks of F-Droid!
There is a wonderful app on F-Droid called ‘Waistline’ ( I’ve been using it for over a year. A week or so ago, Version 3.0.2 was released on F-Droid, but it has a bug that makes it completely unusable (it never loads past a blank white screen). The GitHub and Google Play Store versions do not have this issue. I’ve spoken with the developer of Waistline, ‘davidhealey’, and he indicated that for an unknown reason when F-Droid builds/compiles the code (I am not a programmer, so I apologize if I use incorrect terminology at any point), it introduces some errors.

The issue page on GitHub for this is:

Does anyone, perhaps @hans or someone else with extensive knowledge of the F-Droid system and repo, have any idea of why this may be happening and how it might be fixed?

Thanks so very much for whatever help anyone is able to provide!

Lastly, I just want to say how much I, and so many other end users who almost never speak up, appreciate the myriad ways F-Droid, its admins, volunteers, and the many developers who contribute projects to it, add utility and fun to our lives, without compromising security or privacy with closed-source applications. :slight_smile:


I replied in the issue

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