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Selon le journal départemental, je vois que les pompiers du 72 vont utiliser un logiciel nommé Xpert-eye pour faire de la visio avec les personnes qui les contactent… J’ai fais une recherche rapide… ça a l’air d’une “bonne grosse” application propriétaire peu respectueuse de la vie privée… :nauseated_face:

Est-ce qu’il n’y aurais pas un logiciel libre à leur conseiller à la place??

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Jitsi Meet? Conversations? Element?

Yes you’re right Jitsi is easy to use and can work with nothing to install, i’ve use it several time with public.

Once, I’ve try to use Conversations. I miss. I have supposed that maybe Ciscco have cut the net used by Conversations. So I was wrong, Conversations still works?

With them, is it possible to share your position by GPS?

thank you.
So, I think, I will promote Free Software among firemen …

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Conversations is based on an Internet Standard, XMPP, works fine, Audio/Video calls, share location, files, etc. Other XMPP clients on other platforms: Dino, Beagle macOS, Poezio, Movim, Monal, Snikket, Gajim, Profanity, Siskin iOS, Converse.js etc

Cisco was involved and holds the trademark to “Jabber” but has no say in what other apps do with XMPP. Also their jabber clients are rather old and crusty.

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Thanks for your “light” (if i says it correctly in English)
Sorry for my late answering.
I have talked with a fireman, witch one i do sport with him.
He said me the article seen wrong, to be they don’t use that. (An article written in by the local administration…). To communicate together they use whats-app. It seems to be better.

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