Equivalent of mull browser on desktop

What is the equivalent of mull browser on windows? Is it Librewolf browser or GNU Icecat browser?

Also please tell why iceraven browser is not there in f-droid. Is it less secure than mull browser and fennec f-droid browser?

I would say that the desktop equivalent of mull would be librewolf or mullvad browser (mullvad however does not keep any kind of browser history).

Firefox + Arkenfox.js + ublock Origin ?

This is basically the configuration of librewolf out of the box

For windows: Is librewolf better than gnu icecat or vice versa?

Mull is actually the mobile equivalent of braced Firefox: divested/brace: Toolkit compatible with multiple Linux distros that allows for installation of handpicked applications, along with corresponding configs that have been tuned for reasonable privacy and security. - Codeberg.org

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But braced firefox doesn’t seem to me to be usable on windows, so I guess the one that comes closest remains librewolf.

I used to be on WaterFox and then shifted to Librewolf. I know Icecat is not updated for a long time and probably abandoned. I am using LibreWolf for almost 2 years now and find it better compared to Waterfox. Though Waterfox has started updating and is getting secure as well.
Suggestion. Use Librewolf and Waterfox in parallel to get a hint on your requirement.

Bonus: I have shifted to BetterBird for around 2 years from Thunderbird now. So for email you can use Betterbird.

Both Librewolf and Betterbird are available for Linux too. Waterfox as usual is available as tar for Linux.

Yes, Librewolf. Waterfox too. I somehow hate Brave, so I do not use it.

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