Entire update workflow is very slow because of multiple bugs

I’m not sure if anyone else is having these bugs. I had to update ~6 apps today and it was horrible.

In the “Updates” tab, pressing “Update all” does nothing if “Show all” is pressed first. I had to open and close the app several times and it worked on my 3rd attempt. After that, the apps are only downloaded but not installed (is it that difficult to check for root access and then change the “Update all” text to “Download all”?). After that, clicking the “update” button for each app often does nothing. Clicking the app title to visit the app’s page, again, does nothing.

Several restarts later, it starts working again (but the apps still show as not downloaded, so I download them one by one each time I restart - it’s very fast on each attempt after the first, so at least the .apks are probably getting cached, thank God). I start updating the apps one by one, the “update” button becomes an “open” button for each, signifying that an app was updated. I get to an update for F-Droid itself. The app restarts during the update. After going to the “Updates” tab again, all apps now show that there is an update available, including the ones I had just updated. Refreshing doesn’t help. I don’t remember which apps I had updated, so I have to (re-)update everything except for F-Droid in one go.

By now, there are tons of useless notifications accumulated. Some, even, are just full progress bars from when the apps were downloading, which did not dismiss themselves. But at least, after I dismiss them, I can be confident that all my F-Droid apps are up to date… right?

I open F-Droid for one last check. All of the apps are still in the “Updates” tab with updates available - 5 minutes after I had updated them. I refresh and they don’t go away. I have no idea if any of these are real updates. To me, the F-Droid app is almost unusable.

Model: Samsung SM-G960F
Android version: 10

It’s not only about root, you need the Privileged extension installed, then it just works

Killing/swiping F-Droid is not recommended, hence the left over notifications.

This is F-Droid version 1.10-alpha right?

I’m using version 1.9. I do not have root access, that’s the reason for the rhetorical question. F-Droid is not advertised as requiring root access*. I would expect the consequences of this to stop at not being able to batch install/update apps. But there are so many bugs that don’t seem related to that - e.g. buttons not working, app versions not detected correctly. If needed, I can make a screen recording with annotations describing what is happening. I’ll probably create an issue on GitLab too.

*the process of rooting this particular phone is really convoluted and requires a Windows computer - I’ll probably do it at some point in the future

Because it is not required. Yes it saves you from touching the screen once (per app) on update, but not anything else.

Please do, pics and video welcomed.

IMHO this already might be related to issue 1891.

If you provide steps for reproducing the issue in that issue tracker, that is usually 90% of what’s needed for fixing the bug.

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