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I’m just runing into this issue head on and getting really ticked off about it. If there’s one thing that has no place in IT it’s more confusion, that handicap that allows a dev to design a menu with “Settings” in the tree root and then again in a dozen deeper places with exactly the same name without ever changing it to X-Settings or Y-Settings as would be minimally appropriate.

The case in point is that there have always been email notification, these are DEFINITELY what I prefer and which I prefer EXCLUSIVELY (altogether respecting the right of each memeber to prefer whatever s/he/it may). But the newer web notificatyion shopuld be called by another name for crying out loud! “Would you like to receive web notification” should be a syntax adhered to. Ditto for email-notifications which as of now should never again be called just notifications.

My 2.

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It’s a context thing, you see them in browser, they’re “web notifications”

Elsewhere…something else

That’s my whole point, they should be placarded as web notifications. My firefox just said “would you like to receive notifications” which, havinfg aleady subsrcibed to email notifications I alsmost confused with them. A really new user most certainly would confuse them. So either its a mozilla thing, or some other, but it’s definitely a FUBAR.

Communications is not a context thing, it never was but is even less so in 2023.

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