Element - new version not available on F-droid

Element app v1.0.14 has been published on 15 Jan 2021 (changelog entry, github release/git tag), built by fdroidserver on 21 jan 2021 (app’s wiki page/lastbuild).

Could you check if it will be published soon, please?

PS: previous version (1.0.13) was not published on f-droid repo, too


The same for my app: BIBLE MULTI THE LIGHT.
Version: 2021 01 19 - v3.35
Seems built successfully but I don’t see it on Fdroid.org and Latest updates.
Can you check please???
Thanks a lot.

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I checked on your app and only found the 1.0.12 version’s build log.https://f-droid.org/wiki/page/im.vector.app/lastbuild_40100120
And couldn’t find 1.0.13’s build.

Yes indeed, it has been built already on 23/1. https://f-droid.org/wiki/page/org.hlwd.bible/lastbuild
and the log https://monitor.f-droid.org/builds/log/org.hlwd.bible/20210119

However the repo hasn’t been updated since 23/1 https://f-droid.org/wiki/page/deploy

It takes about a week to update once, so I think you just need to wait for a moment.

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Thanks John.
I see my app has been published now :slight_smile:

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@hans @JohnFai
EDIT: I found a bug in the package pulled by FDroid android client.
In fact, I pulled the Latest screen to get the file.
The file was downloaded but the screen was not refreshed!
So I checked my parameters, all was OK, I didn’t change them.
Back to the Latest screen, I pulled again the screen to get the file and the file was downloaded !!! (in maybe 2 minutes, knowing that I have set the cache to 1 hour).
And that time, the screen was refreshed with recent apps.

If you pull down the latest screen and a loop appears, it will update your repositories. If your settings “Automatically fetch updates” is toggled on, it will download the latest release automatically after finishing refreshing the repositories and then prompt for install.

It is normal to be filled with recent apps and new apps. I think what you mean is you can’t see your app from the screen. I found out that the sequence is new apps > recent apps (in alphabetical order) and since yours starts with a T, its just down below.

2 “pulls” were necessary to get the screen refreshed.
My app update was already visible on the web site (via search).
I think, FDroid android client got 2 parts of the updated app list instead of 1 OR the first pull did something wrong but I saw the download in progress completed until the end.

It needs quite some time to update the repositories because it downloads the whole list of repository which takes up about a minute and takes another 5 seconds to refresh. The process (as shown below) is quite slow and that should be why you pulled down the second time when the process has ended.

Checking for updates of the repo

Downloading the list of repo

Processing the repo

Saving app details and refreshes the page.

Therefore, the list isn’t in two parts but it just needs some time for the “Latest” to be refreshed.

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It’s a bummer that especially right now it is not up to date: Currently Element seems to be banned from the Play Store:

Element (Matrix chat app) suspended from the Google Play Store | Hacker News (ycombinator.com)


You can also now, find the status in the app: FDroid Build Status.

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