Edit tv box launcher

i have tv box launcher (mediabox launcher),

I Decompiled and recompiled it without any edit but the app is not installed the error message :
the package appears to be corrupt,
or the package conflicts with an existing package by the same name,

I tried:

1\ apktool + dex-tools + signapk
2\ apk easy tool
3\ apk editor studio

what is a problem?

Assuming the resulting apk is valid, the likely issue is that it has the same package name as one that is installed.
Android prohibits a package updating with a different signing key.
You would need either root or to be able to mount the filesystem to replace the apk in /system first.

thank for answer.

Iam didn’t installed apk before,

can i edit with same signing key (default key) ?

and i replaced package and app name

but get same error.

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