Ebook reader that respects free software

This is perhaps a bit off topic, but can anyone recommend an e-ink ebook reader that is free software, or at least respects free software? I suppose it would be cool if it was Android and F-Droid could run on it.

I recently looked for similar e-ink reader and I think there isn’t one that is completely free software. The most free software I could find is on BQ Cervantes readers.
But latest commit on their Github repo was in 2016 so looks like this doesn’t apply to the newest model Cervantes 4, which was released last year. But looks like previous models have most of their software under GPLv2. I was able to find refurbished Cervantes 3 on eBay.

To my knowledge there isn’t way to run Android on BQ Cervantes devices.

EDIT: There is also replacement reader application and firmware (called OcherBook, I was able to have only 2 links here) for Kobo ereaders, but I have no experiences with those as after considering my options, I took the BQ Cervantes 3.

Onyx and Boyue are two good options for Android ebook readers.
Companies often import them and rebrand them, adding language support and tons of EPUBs on the target language, like the Polish Arta Tech, the Spanish Energy Sistem or the Dutch Icarus, among others.

But since is stock Android, expect to find inside a play$tore :confused:
It’s mainly Jelly Bean (4.2.2). I wonder if there’s’ something better on the market now.
There are attempts of flashing custom ROMs, but I heard in most of the cases the physical buttons stop working.

I have an old one, and by default allow me to switch to FBReader app. Also Cool Reader could be added as reader app too. I have F-Droid installed the needed apps too, but I still run stock Android, the setup options are very poor.

Check the Android Developer’s Corner of Mobile Read (but not many new threads)

https://f-droid.org/packages/org.coolreader/ :smiley:

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