Easy way of viweing photos and videos Ghost commander File Manager

I need an app that allows me a simple way to browse my photos and videos that I can install on my SD card. I have Ghost commander (which I have been using for a long time) and File manager (which I recently installed) installed.
I would like to know if there is a manual or forum for these applications, or if someone knows how to configure it so that it works as a gallery.
I tried to search for applications to view multimedia files (I tried with secure “photo viewer” and with “a photo manager”) but although they were installed but the option to open does not appear.
I hope someone can help me
Thanks in advance

So you installed Simple Gallery Pro and when you touch a picture it does not open it?

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Simple and easy are subjective, but you could try using a webview-based browser like privacy browser or others. Downside of PB is delay loading block lists. Another may not have that, or you can disable it. Click in file manager, open with PB worked before.

Where are the photos? On the phone? On the web? On a NAS?

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