/e/OS - The implemented Tor Menu Setting allowed set up the Global Location (IP)

The implemented Tor Menu setting allows Global Location (IP) Setup.

How can I set it up in Orbot?

I’m also looking for a quick Guide to Orbot in PDF or E-Book.

Orbot > More > Settings > Exit Nodes > {DE} > OK.
also Enable ‘Strict Nodes’ below that.
Other country codes are here: ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 - Wikipedia

Please note I do not recommend use of this option, it isn’t necessarily reliable due to how GeoIP works and reduces the pool of nodes you’ll use which increases risk of a malicious node compromising your traffic.

Please also be aware that Bromite (in your picture) and /e/OS Browser and System WebView are outdated and highly insecure as they haven’t been updated since December of 2022.
I document this here: https://divestos.org/misc/ch-dates.txt

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