DuckDuckGo censorship

We already have a good option from searx and mojeek also metager is also good now.
What duckduckgo is doing i don’t think it is bad or good because it is not a single country it is most countries even so called Democratic countries they sponsores news organizations to do propaganda and misinformation just to hide there governments mistakes and scams now misinformation become so sophisticated that you can’t know the difference between both so reader have to be more aware… but a search engine can’t do any censorship without proper research it will be biased in anyway so i think searx is a good way as it actually combined lots of index and show results btw brave search is also good they are in beta seems good.

It seems that now they also “censor” independent media, even if they do not fall under what they would call “Russian propaganda”. As if the non-independent media were not also propaganda x)

In this case the “censorship” is applied by downranking.

They have also censored piracy websites, in some cases, they have been completely de-indexed.
They have even removed youtube-dl ! not even Google does this.

DDG has gone too far, It certainly goes on my blacklist and I will spread the word.
Now what? I’m sorry but Mojeek is very bad. Searx is constantly blocked…
I guess Startpage is an alternative, with javascript enabled and some degree of tracking :sleepy:
And, there’s also Monocles search, thoughts?

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At first yt-dl versus youtube-dl seemed like a possibility, but no. They are slightly odd sites with pages all over github, and forwarding…

IDK, but RIAA can be vicious, and DDG could be playing defense, on advice of attorneys…

Irony. DDG has lots of related results: (1) "youtube-dl" "duckduckgo" at DuckDuckGo

and while some say “completely removed”,

a lot remains: (2) "youtube-dl" at DuckDuckGo

Engadget makes this point:

“liability for copyright violations might be an issue. The company removed pirate “bangs” (shortcuts for pirate sites) as far back as 2018, and competitors like Google and Microsoft are already downranking piracy-related results. A move like this could protect DuckDuckGo against costly copyright battles.” DuckDuckGo removes search results for major pirate websites | Engadget

yt-dl says:

“We would also like to heartily thank our main website hoster Uberspace who is currently being sued in Germany for hosting our essentially business card website and who have already spent thousands of Euros in their legal defense.”

So yeah, search sites play with results for many reasons, including pay from advertisers, and no doubt letters from attorneys and other MIB. Plz let us know if you find something better, that doesn’t mess up over Tor.

Edit: You did notice the censorship here, above, for “family friendly” purposes. Oh the ironies that could not be discussed openly even here…

You starting with the censorship here meme?

No opinions were censored. If someone can’t use normal words instead of slurs to make their point that’s on them.

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If someone can’t use normal words instead of slurs

Oh sure. LOL.

IMO if @TheLastProject may use “asshole” when the mood strikes, then @gentr should be allowed to use “whore”. (1) F-Droid apps ratings and comments - #23 by TheLastProject (2) When you love freedom you give freedom - #2 by TheLastProject

Otherwise, it’s selective censorship and using a double standard. Sorry, but “it is what it is.”

I personally don’t quite agree those words are on the same level but I agree I could’ve used better terms so I’ve edited my post. It feels a bit lame you’re calling me out now instead of when that happened (that post is over 2 months old and this is the first time anyone has talked to me about it and I don’t believe anyone ever hit the report button ever), but fine, you could call that a double standard so I have hereby ensured my post no longer can be considered a double standard by any way. In the future, please report problematic posts (and if a mod does it and you feel worried because of that, feel free to ping another mod).

Now, can we get back on-topic?

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If you say you hate something, is that forbidden hate speech? IANAL, but I hate censorship. I hate having to click “reveal anyway” or “tiny pencil icon” to see what was really said or what was hidden or changed in posts, then try to understand the colour-coded changes. It’s a waste of time. Frankly, I hate most everything about Discourse forum software. I assure you I will most likely NOT be clicking the report (flag) button for anything other than spam posts, which I also hate. I hate when people delete their own posts, and other than spam, those are the only things I’ve ever flagged, iirc. That too was a pointless waste of time AFAIK.

I did not “call out” anything before, because I couldn’t care less about the language used. IMO editing your previous post was unnecessary, and shows you didn’t get my point. My point is: Mod-editing posts in THIS thread, ironically on a censorship topic, was unnecessary and uncalled for.

For the record: (a) TWO previous posts were linked. (b) The free dictionary calls “asshole” vulgar slang, but (pun intended) only uses “vulgar” deep down in one definition of “whore”. (See Asshole - definition of asshole by The Free Dictionary and Whore - definition of whore by The Free Dictionary )

Regardless, Thank you for doing the Mod job. I would not wish it on my worst enemy, so to speak. I assume all the “staff” do the best job they can. This was intended as constructive criticism, of the obfuscating/censoring of posts in this thread particularly.


Most Google censorship is from their own policy and has nothing to do with government.

I was thinking would be a good alternative since it does its own web crawling. DDG can have things removed by just removing them on Bing.

yes for now Brave is good choice, I heard somewhere that the Mozilla cofounder create brave browser after it leaves Mozilla

How did you test brave exactly?

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I have compared Google, DDG and brave and looks like Google with safeSearch=OFF has less censorship than DDG/brave with safe search off

It was totally unexpected for me

I am still giving it a detail test myself. Part of it is finding a lot of concerns with DDG while not being able to find those same concerns with Brave Search. Some data is mentioned here but this isn’t everything.

There are many sources for this stuff so I will just link the first source I can find on the internet.

DDG has always been dependent on other search engines like Bing. Bing gives the majority of their results

As noted by TorrentFreak, there was a confirmed removal of a group of sites, which were later identified to being delisted from Bing. DuckDuckGo builds its search results from a variety of third-party data from different sources, including Microsoft’s Bing engine. The TorrentFreak article also mentions how bogus DMCA takedowns usually result in having sites or specific pages getting removed from search results, and that Bing is particularly sensitive to such actions.

they plan on increasing their reliance on Bing

These search engines give political results with is why DDG has given highly political results for years.

Microsoft owns Bing and there is a lot that can be looked up on how political that company gets.

I have also noticed from my own use of DDG for many years that search results always give news media from one particular side as the highest search results and you have to go pretty far down to get news media from other political view points. Practically, you have to specify the name of the news organization specifically or you will not ever see their results. This includes non political subjects as well. News organizations ran by political party “X” on any random technical subject always has their story listed first. A coin flip with have far better mix up in news sources chosen.

DDG is a company that has engaged heavily in politics in the past

They donate to extremely political organizations. You can see their donations here.

You can see they donate to extremely political organizations like ACLU.

Here are some more extremely political organizations DDG donates to: DuckDuckGo Is Funding Your Enemies - Invidious

If you further investigate DDG’s donation list, your find there are a lot of organizations on their donation list that pretend to fight for cause “C” but are nothing more then mask for extremely political groups.

It makes you wonder how much of the bias search results are from being reliant on bias search engines and how much is their own internal doing.

They have also started far more recent political and censorship operations on their own accord. They willingly censor the internet based on DDG corporate policies and not because their is any law they have to follow

DuckDuckGo CEO and founder Gabriel Weinberg had announced that the search engine would begin down-ranking sites associated with Russian disinformation.

A company does not usually create biased search results once. If there is a single public examples of DDG doing this then there are likely many non published examples of DDG censoring people. The article points out DDG has likely been censoring in secret for awhile.

a) Brave Search is ran by a company with strong privacy background that stays out of politics. An uncensored internet is important to them.

Company is started by the original CEO of Mozilla and ran the company back before Mozilla started to engage heavily in politics. There record at early Mozilla speaks for them. I also have never came across any stories of Brave partaking in censorship. Same cannot be said about DDG. They also appear to have a strong privacy focus based on the information I have heard so far. Essentially, I can’t find problems with Brave company so far.

b) They have their own web crawler so they are not dependent on political search engines.

c) They have their own onion site. search.brave4u7jddbv7cyviptqjc7jusxh72uik7zt6adtckl5f4nwy2v72qd.onion

d) They have a privacy policy that is equal if not better then DDG.


I found some more information here.

This caught my attention.

Also, someone else in that thread mentioned that DDG stores search queries while Brave does not.

You can see that some things mentioned don’t have a problem. For example, you can find in Brave Search.

It may have something to do with the fact their own web crawler hasn’t had time to index the internet yet.

DuckDuckGo’s supposedly private browser caught permitting ad tracking. Android police sources . DuckDuckGo's supposedly private browser caught permitting ad tracking

Hadn’t seen any posts about this yet, iinstead of making a new thread I decided to bring it up here since it relates to ddg.

It happens to turn out that the duckduckgo browser whitelists some of Microsofts trackers becausse of a deal between ddg and Microsoft.

Isn’t there a link just above your post?

Would it be viable that the app goes against F-Droid’s TOS (out of curiosity)?

In what way?