DuckDuckGo censorship

DuckDuckGo is censorship people like Facebook and Google

Big tech cannot be trusted to police itself: Blake Masters

Mar. 12, 2022 - 3:20 - Arizona U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters weighs in on big tech censorship by Google and DuckDuckGo, says ‘were running out of options.’ ( fox news source )

You should probably be more concerned that governments do it and not a specific private company. After all, it can do it.

the government is not even discussed to censor free speech but when it does and a company “privacy search” it is not good

Use anything but

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What do you mean? If Google has censored things recently, it has been because of pressure from Western governments.

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That’s as simple as stopping using their services.
If the government spies on you, you’re screwed.
I don’t understand how people still think that private companies are more dangerous than governments.
And when governments commit evil acts, they blame private companies…?

governments have been doing this for years and this culminated in the “pandemic” of bill and antonio fauci

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I know a previous topic was locked but hear this out-

Duckduckgo has decided to censor the “Russia misinformation.” But there is more to it then that, the reason theoretically why they chose to do this.

Some of the news media, published a news article saying something like “conservatives flock to duckduckgo” or something like that.

Duckduckgo sees it and they say, we don’t want to be associated with “far-right” platforms like rumble or Gettr. They then downrank the “Russia misinformation” sites to say “Hey, see, we’re not like them, but we’re not as data hungry as Facebook or Google, we fall in the middle.”

There are some workarounds to this.

#1. switch to brave, I mean you can literally look at images and news on it without javascript, and unlike duckduckgo it claims to not store search queries.

#2. On duckduckgo, you can still search for the specific Russian news sites.

#3. Switch to Yandex. Not as private but, hey you can get access to (probably more accurate) Russia news. It is a Russia based search engine.

One thing for sure, everyone starts with no tracking and storing, but the DDG has a lot of analytics turned ON and its app also has a lot of extra tracking. People actually MOD the app to get free of tracking.
DDG Mods are available in many places after tracking is removed.

We already have a good option from searx and mojeek also metager is also good now.
What duckduckgo is doing i don’t think it is bad or good because it is not a single country it is most countries even so called Democratic countries they sponsores news organizations to do propaganda and misinformation just to hide there governments mistakes and scams now misinformation become so sophisticated that you can’t know the difference between both so reader have to be more aware… but a search engine can’t do any censorship without proper research it will be biased in anyway so i think searx is a good way as it actually combined lots of index and show results btw brave search is also good they are in beta seems good.

It seems that now they also “censor” independent media, even if they do not fall under what they would call “Russian propaganda”. As if the non-independent media were not also propaganda x)

In this case the “censorship” is applied by downranking.

They have also censored piracy websites, in some cases, they have been completely de-indexed.
They have even removed youtube-dl ! not even Google does this.

DDG has gone too far, It certainly goes on my blacklist and I will spread the word.
Now what? I’m sorry but Mojeek is very bad. Searx is constantly blocked…
I guess Startpage is an alternative, with javascript enabled and some degree of tracking :sleepy:
And, there’s also Monocles search, thoughts?

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At first yt-dl versus youtube-dl seemed like a possibility, but no. They are slightly odd sites with pages all over github, and forwarding…

IDK, but RIAA can be vicious, and DDG could be playing defense, on advice of attorneys…

Irony. DDG has lots of related results: (1) "youtube-dl" "duckduckgo" at DuckDuckGo

and while some say “completely removed”,

a lot remains: (2) "youtube-dl" at DuckDuckGo

Engadget makes this point:

“liability for copyright violations might be an issue. The company removed pirate “bangs” (shortcuts for pirate sites) as far back as 2018, and competitors like Google and Microsoft are already downranking piracy-related results. A move like this could protect DuckDuckGo against costly copyright battles.” DuckDuckGo removes search results for major pirate websites | Engadget

yt-dl says:

“We would also like to heartily thank our main website hoster Uberspace who is currently being sued in Germany for hosting our essentially business card website and who have already spent thousands of Euros in their legal defense.”

So yeah, search sites play with results for many reasons, including pay from advertisers, and no doubt letters from attorneys and other MIB. Plz let us know if you find something better, that doesn’t mess up over Tor.

Edit: You did notice the censorship here, above, for “family friendly” purposes. Oh the ironies that could not be discussed openly even here…

You starting with the censorship here meme?