Duckduckgo Bang for F-Droid is broken due to changed search url

in you can add !fdroid (e.g. foo!fdroid) to the query and it will redirect to However this doesn’t filter the app list shown. I want to try to fix this, but I need a confirmation from the devs if will be a stable url for search queries or not.

This would be better but not yet implemented:

Hey @mueller-ma,

thank you for working on this! used to work with the JS powered search function of the webpage but at some point the security headers of the website changed and now it is failing with this error:

10:55:24.224 Content Security Policy: The page’s settings blocked the loading of a resource at self (“script-src”). Source: 
			docume.... 1 packages:193

I think that’s not this issue but somehow related. @hans Do we track this issue somewhere?

Reading this issue, I think not. However, if you want to get DDG search back to work now, I would use that URL for now until the issue is solved.

Thanks for your response. I submitted a request with the staging domain.
I’m watching the gitlab issue, so when the domain changes, I can send a new request.

1 Like is a stable URL since staging
is supposed to be a complete staging env. The goal is to have for the “real” one. admin#71

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