DuckDuckGo App Tracking Protection latest release

Hi, I use DuckDuckGo on my Android phone. I downloaded it using the F-Droid client which says that DDG is up to date. However it is version 5.95.0 (50500) and the latest DDG is version 5.106.0 (51060000 on the F-Droid website.

Is there a way I update DDG to the latest version using the F-Droid client? I have set the auto update interval to one hour without success.

The latest versions have App Tracking Protection that I’d like to try out.

I guess you are on F-droid archive repo, not “main” repo. Main has 5.106.0 now.

Settings, repositories, tap tap to change.

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Version 5.106.0 shows up in my clients, with nothing older than 5.102.3.

In various cases I’d find apps that had updates but not shown in the client for whatever reason (like signature changes).

You can uninstall DDG while in the client and its entry will refresh with the latest versions.
Download the latest apk from the F-Droid site and install over existing version. If successful, check back in the client to see updated entry.

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As you suggested I deleted the old version of DDG and installed the latest version via the APK from F-Droid. I checked in Manage Applications and F-Droid recognises it. Hopefully future updates will be automatic. Thanks.


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