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Hello everyone :slight_smile:
Its my first-ever post on this forum, I am sorry if this post has wrong category etc.
Few years ago, I’ve made some open source Notepad App (Also available on F-droid).
That app was written when I had few months of overall development experience.
Now, after 5 years I’ve made new one, made in Flutter technology, open-source and translated to 8 languages!
Here is the new one:

  • GitHub
  • Play Store
    I’d like to ask any of you for some hints on how to upload App to F-droid, so more people would use it :slight_smile:



First, welcome to the forum!
Second, I actually just had this discussion here:

Where I also wanted to update an app. The main question became, update the original, or make a new second one. This will depend a lot on the app ID name, since they can’t have the same name.

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So, to clarify, if the app ID name is different, you can go to the gitlab and make an issue for RFP ( request for packaging ) if they are the same, you make an issue in app metadata I think.

Rfp: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/rfp

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Thanks for response!
That is going to be separated app due to problematical data migration :slight_smile:
I am diving straight into RFP then, thanks!

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