Downloaded F-droid app package is invalid, why?

After downloading F-Droid.apk of 8.47 MB from onto my Samsung S20 Ultra phone, then when opening the file, it immediately asks if I want to update this app, and that’s when the problem starts. A new message tells me that the App is not installed as package appears to be invalid !! Please help with trouble shooting down this trouble I’m having.
Thanks and kind regatds,
PS. 1hr later I did the same on my Samsung S7+ tablet, that already has F-droid installed, and exactly the same upset happened again, what the heck ?

So you have it installed in a secondary profile or something already?

Yes F-droid has been installed on my Samsung S7+ Tablet for quiet awhile and used regularly but on my other device (Samsung S20 Ultra) it won’t allow me to set it up after downloading F-droid. Do yoe know why this could be so ?

Case by case.

If you have it installed, downloading now from will get you a slightly older version than the latest update. So when you try to install it will fail, as expected. Eg. Try to install this apk (latest version): I bet it works fine.

Now, the newer S20 device, you might get the Google warning about “built for older blahblah”, you usually can just press ‘More info’ and ‘Install anyway’, this will be updated soon. In the mean time you can get the Basic version that does not get a warning:

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Cheers Mm8, it’s fixed. I’d thought that it should of been the latest of F-droid I was installing !!
Anyhow, thanks for leg up d;-{)}

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