Download mulch apk where?

I can’t seem to find where to download mulch browser, ive tried gitlab, fdroid

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I have tried on this exact page , though

What did you tried? You need to add the repo.

I’ve tried the 2 things mentioned on op as well as “repo” with 404 error:

Did you add their repo at the bottom of that page? It’s not on

Hey mate sorry, its my fault I was trying to use the wrong links. I didn’t know mulch was among the others apps in one and same repo link. Many thanks for your help. Could you maybe help in knowing the difference between mulch and mull? (In terms of use cases etc) aside from the fact that one is gecko based and the other chromium of course

please see Browsers - DivestOS Mobile

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Many thanks, I’ve seen you countless times in here and came across you on github, you were always helpful. May I know if you’re part of the team at divestos or something else? I’m keen to learn more in the privacy eco

DivestOS, Mull, and Mulch are my projects.


Sorry for my ignorance. Thanks for your many works!

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