Download for version 0.91 of F-Droid

I’m trying to install F-droid on a Kindle Fire. The current versions don’t work. when I go to in the silk browser, I get an Internal Server Error. It says to contact the server administrator at and that there may be more information in the server error log.

SO… a google search turned up a website that doesn’t exist any more, but the blurb on google mentions version .91

SO… I THINK I need to download version .91 :slight_smile:

If anyone can throw some light on this, that would be AWESOME!

You need this link:

Blendergeek, did you miss the part where I said, the current versions don’t work?? If I recall, versions back to about .101 are linked on the page, but those all do the same thing.

If it makes a difference, that link downloads version .102.3

Bump… Anyone, anyone?

Does the old version not exist anymore?