Download does not work when Google DNS server are blocked

I have blocked the Google DNS servers on my mobile ( and

From that point I can still search in the Fdroid app, but I can no longer download. When I unblock the Google DNS servers, download works again.

I have set an alternative (private) DNS, but that (apparently) does not help.
I am not sure whether Fdroid uses its own download manager or the one in android.

Anyone an idea how to be able to download apps from Fdroid without the need for Google DNS?

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Are you able to use the Internet in other apps?

Firefox was also not working anymore, my (old) weatherapp did not update. The Brave browser and TOR browser are working without changes, also whatsapp works.
When I set Fdroid to use the TOR network (which requires Orbot), it works again. But that is not a solution I prefer.
And the main thing is that it looks like the Google DNS is somewhere hardcoded (for/in some apps). I want to know where it is/coming from, so I can use the right strategy to avoid it

You broke your DNS. Your DHCP is likely advertising for DNS.
Using Private DNS still requires regular DNS to lookup.
Orbot would work because it’d use its cached information and handles DNS internally.

Google DNS is not hardcoded into the apps.
And it is only an fallback in AOSP if the carrier/LAN doesn’t advertise DNS which is very rare.

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Thanks for thinking with me.

I am using a VPN to connect to the internet, so the VPN server would normally handle the DNS calls.
I checked the VPN suppliers info and I set Private DNS to off.

But still some apps (fdroid, firefox) do not work when google dns is blocked.

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