Doubt with Mull and Fennec

Good afternoon:

First of all thank you for your work and help.

I just noticed that there is a new version of Mull in the DivestOS repository.

I have 105.1 from fdroid. So now I have to update from the DivestOS repository. If so then the fdroid version signature will give me bugs when upgrading. And I have to delete the fdroid one and install the DivestOS one. Or is it still in Fdroid?

Fennec from fdroid also change repository or is it still on fdroid?

Thanks for your help and time.

Why do you HAVE to? Why not wait for F-Droid to build the new version in the next build cycle?

You can’t upgrade the F-Droid one with the Divest one, Android security feature.

I can see them just fine:

…they did not go anywhere,

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Good afternoon @Licaon_Kter

If it comes out on fdroid I’ll wait. I just missed seeing the new versions in the DivestOS repository and I thought they were going to release them in that repository now.

Thanks for your help

Tbh I would just use the DivestOS repository, the updates are important for security. Though you will need to uninstall first.

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