Doubt about updates to Yalp Store with F-Droid

Hello community,

I have the question of which of these versions of yalpstore I should install from Recovery TWRP on my device with lineage-14.1-20190119-microG-vegetalte. or

I understand that F-droid at the moment only updates the apk of

Thank you and cordial greetings…


Hola comunidad,

Tengo la duda de cuál de estas versiones de yalpstore debería instalar desde el Recovery TWRP en mi dispositivo con lineage-14.1-20190119-microG-vegetalte. o

Tengo entendido que F-droid por el momento solo actualiza los apk de

Gracias y saludos cordiales.

Contemporary version of Yalp Store has some UI changes to make it look more modern. Other than that, they are equal by features.

Hi, HenriDellal,

I installed the version that recommended me.

I thank you for your help.

Best regards.

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