Don't TLDR!: "My Socialist Hell: The Death of Free Speech in Venezuela"

Political preferences notwithstanding, what can be done technologically to help these folks?

All the info is there in the article, not sure what can be said more.

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The info presented seems lacking for solutions — e.g., DNS-changing nullified, TOR subverted, livestreams blocked or throttled, importation of mature Chinese censorship tools, &c.

The only currently-functioning tool mentioned seems VPN, which, IIUC, is among the easiest to block @ that level of government paranoia.

So, what else is there?

Venezuelan politics is brutal and ugly on both sides of the fight, Maduro and the opposition, the last thing F-Droid needs is to figure out which side to take. The best way we can help the Venezuelan people is to keep doing what we are doing in a neutral way for everyone.


That’s precisely what I mean — the forum here couldn’t be useful in a political debate.

But I am dismayed to read that so many of the technologies that are accessible via F-Droid designed for the situations of people (per this article, in Venezuela, but, by extension, many other places, too) enduring such internet limitations & control are not actually useful in those situations.

So, my concerned question remains: what else can be done for the sufferers here?

what else can be done for the sufferers here?

Probably nearly nothing. Free speech is fragile and brittle even in USA, and even in f-droid forums. New posts by new posters are delayed, with good intentions probably. Comments are removed by flagging. People use whatever means they can to control conversations, for whatever justification they muster up. Fighting the good fight is all you can do.

Original: Let’s also free Reality Winner (USA), and my new post (f-droid).

This is what China does itself w/ the power it gains from the tech it exports to Venezuela.:

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