Donate Cryptos to F-Droid

Hi everyone, I’m Fred, founder of Subs, a project that allows recurring crypto donations to any organization. As a big fan of this project that I’ve been following for many years, I’d like to enable crypto donations to F-Droid. I’ll be the first supporter I think, I just need the EVM blockchain address to set it up.
Donation Example : Subs

Don’t hesitate if you have any questions

We used to have Crypto via OpenCollective but they stopped that support.

There’s no news here at the moment.

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Hi, Maybe I didn’t explain it well, but I’m the founder of a project that makes this possible. So I want to offer it to you, I just need your blockchain address to create it for you. Thanks

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At the moment, F-Droid does not want to follow up in this topic :slight_smile:


No problem, thanks for your reply :pray:

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