Does someone know where I can request LinageOS support for unsupported devices? (Android TV Boxes & Phones)

I’ve tried to request LineageOS support for devices in the Lineage Forum and their GitHub page but they delete my requests and mail me that it’s against their rulez to post requsts for device-support at their pages.

Does someone know where I can request LinageOS support for unsupported devices??

I would like to get LineageOS support for the two best Android TV boxes existing right now because I’ve decided to buy one of them before next year, maybe on black friday.

The two best Android TV Boxes right now are:

“NVidia Shield TV Pro 2019” pros:

  • It supports a huge selection of Xbox and Playstation games and is like both a game consol and Android TV box at the same time.

  • It has full support for 4kHD with HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG and a HDMI2.0b-port that supports transferring it to the TV.

“NVidia Shield TV Pro 2019” cons:

  • It has only 3GB RAM (Random Access Memory).

  • It does not support Youtube in 4k.

  • It only has 16GB storage. So you probably will need external storage.

  • It’s expensive.

  • You have to buy game controller/controllers seperatly. It’s not included.

“X88 King” pros:

  • It has 4GB RAM. I would have wanted at least 6GB but 4GB is better then just 3GB.

  • It’s cheaper.

  • It’s more modefieable with original OS then other boxes. You can uninstall many of the preinstalled apps.

  • It has 128GB storage.

  • It supports 4kHD with HDR.

  • It supports 4k Youtube.

“X88 King” cons:

  • It claims to support 4kHD with HDR10 and Dolby Vision but it has a HDMI2.0a-port that does not support transferring it. HDMI 2.0b is needed for that. I’ve mailed them about that problem so I hope they will soon include a HDMI 2.0b port in the box instead. But if yo don’t have a TV with HDMI 2.0b or 2.1 port and also support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision this problem is no problem, because it makes no diffrence in picture quality.

  • It does not support Xbox or Playstation games only Android-game-apps.

Right now there is only LinageOS versions for one Android box and that is the old “NVidia Shield TV 2015”, so I hope that someone/some with the neede skills can bring LineageOS to this newer and a lot better boxes to.

You can’t request support for device. You can support one or provide a device for a developer who is interested in supporting it.

Yes. But where do I get in contact with developers to ask if anyone is intrested in providing support? When there seems to be nowhere I’m allowed to post the question, except here and I hardly belive that a LinageOS developer will read here and answer.

First you need to check whether or not kernel sources were released; then if the bootloader is unlockable with or without losses : widevine safetynet…

Generally alt. roms emerge on xda. I’ve made an app to countercheck specs before purchasing android devices : . On Pie then, there is working Treble alt. roms, but you will probably loose high-end pros.

Nvidia used to have strong dev assistance (kernel, kit, free drivers for edu purposes…)

You can ask it on reddit page of LineageOS with title “donate hardware for development” and see if there is any Dev interested or not.

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