Does Discourse (or F-Droid HQ) do any checking for sockpuppetry?

Or, I got sum sockpupput feels. Are yous to?

Without naming IDs here, I recently observed @Licaon_Kter “flyswat” an ID recently - delete a couple posts that were obviously from an extra account of a certain somebody. I know F-Droid is alllll about the freedums, especially lately, but

  • Do Discourse features alert Moderators to behaviors like sock puppetry?
  • Would Mod’s care if sockpuppets are frequently wasting our time?
  • If not, can anyone recommend sockpuppet management software to help a playa get in the game? :only-half-laughing:

Dunno, just a matter of timing for me. :slight_smile: :frowning:

Me Like not you change free-speyatch -> free-speech. Point makes not now. Good not. :laughing:

We got flack for that too… but that’s user defined lol

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