Document Viewer cannot find all files

I have Document Viewer .2.8.2 for reading PDF’s and download PDF’s to files folder But some of them will not show on Document Viewer search. Even if i open with DV it cannot see them next time

Xperia L4

Try this instead:

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I prefer DV

Maybe DV was not updated and can’t access files? Did you allow Storage permissions?

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DV development has stopped and hasn’t been updated in 2+ years and has ~27 known security issues.

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I have had it a long time and it can access nearly all PDF’s but a few it can’t see
where is storage Storage permissions

I tried Librera Reader. Sometime when I try to open book it says “no activity found to handle intent”
Also the search does not work, won’t find a word that is in the book. I checked they are searchable PDF’s not images

Does reflow work?

is that where the text adjusts to fit window? i have to zoom a bit with my fingers

No, it extracts text and then it shows it adjusted (for font size, screen, etc)

sorry don’t understand. extracts from where? and what about the search not working

Extract from the file, as expected :slight_smile:

Then search should work anyway, imho

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