Do I need to change the app ID to upload my app to F-Droid?

Hi there.
I made an opensource app on Github and I want to upload it on F-Droid.
I checked the Inclusion_Policy and it says I need a proper app ID like “io.github..”. But I didn’t follow the format when creating this app. I just use the app ID like “priv..”. I wonder if it’s necessary to change the app ID to the suggested one.
I will be grateful for any help you can provide.

You can use any appID, but make it unique, so it’s not used by any other app on other app stores.

Link to your app repo?

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The link is there

Looks okaish. What I am concerned about though is something else, it uses QT right?

That’s problematic as we’ll need to build QT first, then build the app.

See some recipes examples:

How do you use QT at build time?

Actually I haven’t build the Android version using command line. I usually build it in the Qt Creator GUI so I don’t know what happens underlying it.
I have a AUR repository for the desktop version. I don’t know if it helps.
Maybe I need to read the examples you gave carefully. Thanks.

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