Do i need a GitLab Subscription to upload my Apps to F-droid?

I want to upload my app “Phow” to F-Droid, but after i heard that the repository is hosted on GitLab, i want to know if i Need a GitLab Subscription or if there is another option to upload my Apps to F-droid.

There is no need for a subscription, you just need to open an issue on

Small notes…

  • you don’t upload your app, you just point us where the source is and how to build it
  • F-Droid infrastructure itself is not on gitlab, only the metadata and source code of F-Droid itself
  • APKs are build and hosted elsewhere

Do you mean “GitLab account”, by any chance? Subscription implies you have to pay for something, which you do not.

You will need an account, but it doesn’t need to be a GitLab account. GitLab also supports signing in with a Google, GitHub, Twitter, Bitbucket or Salesforce account if you have any of those.

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