Do foss video editors exist?

I saw a thread from april with no resposes… No video editor even something simple? At least to edit the file info?

This article says all of these are open source. I can confirm that some of them are but I haven’t looked into them all.

Yes there are foss video editor like kdenlive a extremely powerfull tool and good video editor

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Thanks a lot both of you!

And is there any android foss video editors?

Android is not good for editor as it as a small screen. But there are some.

I assume he meant Android apps.
The answer is no as far as I know, the only thing there is a transcoder that allows you to trim.

Google analytics and advertising in that site.

Small screen? You’re funny:)) All phones come with stock video editors, maybe not so as functional as desktop apps, but cutring, metadata, filters and lots more work fine. I never heard anybody not beimg able to use those stock editors due to screen not big enough.

Tens of editors on google appstore prove it.

I dont mide payimg for an app, actually even if it’s free I send few coins if there is donate option, but open code is a must for me.

Watch it is impossible to provide a power full video editor reason is not just small screen as well as the power it ned that is not present in devices which are sold in most case so there are few.

Meh, mid range devices can already encode video comfortably as long as it is not +200MB which can lead to heating problems.
Video Transcoder exists.

There is a limitation…
So maybe the reason we can’t find a good foss editor

Yes but i don’t considered it to be a editor.

Nobody made one.

That wasn’t the point.

Yes it is just because the potential consumer is so little that it is not useful for making it and power of the devices is also a point.

Now kdenlive is a good alternative for linux it is opensource and can be compiled with and make a apk.
I find that in a web search but i highly doubt that will as it is not optimized for small devices and i don’t know whether is possible or not but if you have that knowledge you can try

Again, both reasons you provided don’t seem to be valid when you search for video editor in aurora store. I actually downloaded one, it free no ads name Node Video. Well I’m nowhere near into video editing, but imo this app has a lot of features to be called a video editor, and my g980f does not show any lack of power.

Again, I got into this for simple metadata deletion and reducing quality/size for easier sharing. These features are important for videos just as for pictures, and for pictures for some reason there are at least few here on fdroid. So why wouldnt be same needed for video?

Gave up and used ffmpeg last time I was looking. Think I ran it in Termux.