Do F-Droid maintainers read the code before making the app?

How exactly fdroid make apps ?

F-Droid builds as the devs build, using the same tools.

We do get to review some parts, the build related ones, not the functionality ones, unless that part touches some of these: Anti-Features | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

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Do you change somethings to make it follow fdroid policy ? Or just choose apps already following policies

The main policy is: be FOSS

Now, as the Antifeatures page shows, there are stuff that sound nasty (might be or not) that are FOSS too. Sometimes we try to help the devs remove them or make them less nasty. We’re in contact with the devs as much as they want to get involved, but we try to limit the changes (there’s also a question of time and expertise involved in working with the code)

Another thing off the top of my head, say Autoupdaters included in the apps, those won’t work with the APKs provided by the dev since the signatures are different, it’s useful for F-Droid users to have that turned off or better off removed from views.

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Has the definition of FOSS changed from Free and open source software to Free or open source software while I wasn’t paying attention?

Where “Free” software is as defined by gnu/fsf.

It might be neither an “and” nor a “or”.

What’s the point of the question? You wanna know if the software can be both F and OSS at the same time? Not sure “and” is for that.

What’s the point of the question?

Why not just say

The main policy is: be OSS

Or what is the difference between OSS and FOSS here?

I’ve said before IMO “Free” was a poor word choice

but what good does it do tacking the F onto OSS?

Not all the software at F-Droid is Free Software, but it is all OSS. So I think the acronym FOSS confuses.

I understand “FOSS” has been used at F-Droid since 2010 or 2011.

If we we use OSS the F people get upset. If we use FOSS the FLOSS people do. If there’s a / then it’s OR, if there’s none is &. Pfft… never correct, always in the wrong. :slight_smile:


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